Our Mission Statement Is A Way Of Life

By: Marcelo

When you hear a neighbor mention Grove Properties, you instantly think “real estate sales” – which is great, since that’s exactly what we do. But our mission is much larger than that. Every single member of our team is focused on creating a better community in Coconut Grove.

Our brokers and agents are lifelong residents of the Miami area. We love it here, which is why we are all very active in the community. In fact, everything we… Continue reading

The 6 Keys to Building a Green Home

Here at Grove Properties/Oxford Design Build, we’re always researching the latest technology to help us build environmentally friendly homes. Each year better and more efficient appliances, fixtures, processes, and ideas hit the market, and we make sure we stay on top of the trends.

While we all know the positive impact the green movement has on the environment, there is one slight issue to going green: the upfront costs.

No, going green is not cheap, but benefits of building a… Continue reading

A Guide to the Historic Neighborhood of Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a particularly important part of Miami’s history as it is Miami’s original neighborhood being founded in 1873 by a diverse group of travelers, artists, and intellectuals.

Today, Coconut Grove still calls to eclectic circles, providing a local oasis and an alternative to the fast-paced city life found in other parts of Miami.

The Grove is located in the middle of Miami, yet somehow remains seemingly separated with its very unique characteristics. This Miami neighborhood offers a warm… Continue reading


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