Preserve Coconut Grove! Make It a Local Historic District

Historic Home in Coconut Grove

If you’re fortunate enough to live or work in the vibrant, charming Village of Coconut Grove, you know it’s special. With verdant paths, lovely architecture, and majestic trees, we want the neighborhood to be around for generations to come. One way to ensure its preservation is to encourage the city of Miami to designate it as a local historic district. This week, there are two opportunities to learn how such a designation will benefit… Continue reading

What Will the Coconut Grove Look Like in 2030? Here’s Your Peek into Our Possible Future

Imagine a neighborhood that features lush, natural beauty, an authentic character, and is populated by diverse and engaged citizens. This is the future we are striving to achieve for our precious Coconut Grove community, and it’s

one that the Grove 2030 initiative is working towards as well.

What is Grove 2030?

Grove 2030 is a citizen-led initiative that has a plan for how we can live in harmony with our environment while still enjoying the community we call home.… Continue reading

Grove Residents, Here’s How We Can Preserve Miami’s Coconut Grove

We are exceedingly fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and lush communities on Earth (in our humble opinion). Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood is this perfect paradox where peace meets vibrancy, and where city-life meets nature. But the Grove needs our help if we’re going to continue enjoying the paradise we call home.

As we speak, the City of Miami Planning Department is holding public workshops for changes to the Coconut Grove zoning code. They already got… Continue reading

Marcelo Fernandes Is Running for Member of Coconut Grove Village Council

We’re thrilled to announce that our owner and founder, Marcelo Fernandes, will be running for a seat on the local Coconut Grove Village Council this November on ballot #106. Fernandes has spent a lifetime in the Coconut Grove neighborhood and is looking forward to giving back to the community through public service.

“As a member of the Coconut Grove Village Council, I want to continue to support all of the Grove 2030’s initiatives,” Fernandes explained. “Let’s bring affordability to housing… Continue reading

Why You Should Vote Yes on the Miami Forever Bond on November 7

Elections are coming up on November 7 and this is the time for Miami residents to make sure their voices are heard.

As the sea-level waters continue to rise, it will inevitably affect Miami residents. The Miami Forever Bond is a $400M general obligation bond that will work to protect our community from flooding while increasing housing affordability. It will support infrastructure projects such as using stormwater pumps to keep roads dry, raising roads to prevent flooding, and adding seawalls… Continue reading

Why We Need Your Help to Keep Miami Waters Clean

In 2013, Miami-Dade County signed a $1.6 billion Consent Decree and settlement with the U.S. and state of Florida promising to improve wastewater treatment plants and aging infrastructure (after several violations occurred from 2007-2013) and keep Miami waters clean.

Now, almost four years later, the County is in hot water again over a serious sewage leak.  Continue reading

Lot Splitting in the Grove – Preserving our Neighborhood while Encouraging Sustainable Development

by Marcelo Fernandes

Recently, the City of Miami denied two lot splitting applications for properties located at 3901 Loquat Ave and 3600 Hibiscus Ave. I was involved in trying to purchase both of these properties before they were listed with a realtor. In both cases my offer to purchase was less than what the seller was willing to accept. Continue reading

Owner of Oxford Universal Joins Panel at Upcoming Sustainable Architecture Event

Be a part of the upcoming discussion on sustainable architecture and discover how this important topic is impacting the Miami area—and the rest of world.

The panel discussion and cocktail reception, “Grounded: Sustainable Architecture – Design in Harmony with Nature,” will be presented by ARC+ and Workbench—and Oxford Universal’s very own Marcelo Fernandes will join the event as a panelist.

“Personally, I am a huge proponent of trying to implement sustainability in every aspect of our lives,”… Continue reading


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